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Friday, 28 May 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Maa card flop played by Gujarat government to help patients in Corona period, still pending implementation.

EXCLUSIVE: Maa card flop played by Gujarat government to help patients in Corona period, still pending implementation.

The Gujarat government had announced that Corona patients would get treatment under Maa Card. But the fact is something different. Treatment has not yet begun. This was revealed when a VTV reporter called the Maa card helpline.

No implementation till 15 days after Gujarat government announces aid

On May 12, the Gujarat government announced assistance of up to Rs 50,000 to the beneficiaries of Maa Card

Treatment was announced in Corona for 10 days at the rate of 5 thousand per day

To date, the hospital has not yet implemented the response received from the helpline.

The second wave of Corona has brought mankind to a point where nothing can be seen from now on, every day is rising with many questions, many evenings are falling with many fears, millions have lost their loved ones, entire families are plunged into epidemics. Cases of being gone are no less, if an old man's old stick has been stripped away, many children have become unregistered registrars,No, if the old age of an old man has been snatched away, then many children have become unregistered registrars. Has become a component of planning.

That is why death is being measured by statistics instead of sensitivity .... that is why today the government is looking at every patient as an innumerable responsibility instead of looking at him as a human being, the tax collectors are seeing an opportunity in a disaster And as the media understands, the reason for this was that getting treatment in government hospitals in the second phase of the epidemic was even harder than getting water in the desert and it was much easier to get injections from the black market stalls.

Corona is scheduled to be treated by July 10

The tragic scenes of Corona's second wave will never be forgotten, but it is difficult for families to fill the void left by the economic devastation of the people for decades, and it is natural for everyone to remember 'Ma' in difficult times. Naturally, the government also remembered 'Ma'. This means Chief Minister Ma and Ma Amrutam Yojana. The government announced too late that it would go out to lock the stables after the horses were released, and that Corona treatment would be provided free of charge to Maa card holders.According to the government's announcement, Corona was included in the Maa card till July 10 and the government will bear the cost of treatment for 10 days within the daily limit of Rs 5,000. Thus the government announced the Maa card in Corona.

One of the main reasons why the government's announcement has to be called a proclamation is that the health sector in Gujarat is governed in a "I don't know" manner. Whether the government knows it or not, the public knows it all, and for those who don't know it, even after the government's announcement, corona treatment under the Maa card has not yet begun. The government, which had promised to provide treatment till July 10, did not even provide treatment to Shri Ganesh. Evidence of this is given below in the form of an audio recording.

Circular received but will be implemented soon: Helpline reply.

The thing is, our reporter called the Maa Card helpline to find out if the government's announcement was really being implemented or if it was just proving to be a hoax. You will be surprised to know that despite the announcement made by the Chief Minister on May 12, the department did not even receive the circular for two weeks and when the circular was received, the implementation did not start without announcing when it would be implemented. Listen to the audio below. The helpline got the answer.


So when will you get treatment?

The question on the government is, even in the midst of this epidemic, after the announcement, if the treatment under the Maa card has not started yet, when will the seriousness of this matter be understood? Do patients plan to be treated after the epidemic is over?

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