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Tuesday 23 August 2022

SSC Police SI, CAPF Recruitment 2022

SSC Police SI, CAPF Recruitment 2022

SSC Police SI, CAPF Recruitment 2022 | Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has published Official Advertisement to conduct Computer Based Examination for the Jobs of Sub-Inspectors (SI) in Delhi Police and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) Exam 2022. Those Candidates who are Interested to the following Posts & completed all Eligibility Criteria can read the Advertisement and Online Application.

Name of Posts SI & CAPF

Total No. of Posts : 4300 Vacancies

Job Location India

Official Website

Name Of Posts :

Sub-Inspector (Exe.) in Delhi Police – Male 228

Sub-Inspector (Exe.) in Delhi Police – Female 112

Sub-Inspector (GD) in Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) 3960

Educational Qualification :

Candidates should possess Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or equivalent.

Age Limit :

Minimum Age : 20 Years

Maximum Age : 25 Years

Candidates born not before 02, January 1997 and not later than 01, January 2001.

Age Relaxation is applicable as per rules.

Selection Process :

Physical Standard Test (PST)

Physical Endurance Test (PET)

Medical standard

How to Apply ? :

Interested Candidates may Online Application Through the official Website

Important Links :

Job Notification:Click Here

Apply Online:Click Here

Important Dates :

Starting Date Of Apply Online : 10-08-2022

Last Date to Apply Online : 30-08-2022

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Thursday 18 August 2022

70 lakh people of the state will benefit: consideration of giving Singtel every month to ration card holders, proposal put in cabinet meeting

70 lakh people of the state will benefit: consideration of giving Singtel every month to ration card holders, proposal put in cabinet meeting

A cabinet meeting of the state government was organized today. In this cabinet meeting chaired by the Chief Minister, a proposal was made to take a major decision for the NFSA card holders of the state. Although the proposal is currently under consideration, a major decision may be taken soon for the more than 70 lakh NFSA card holders of the state.

Singtel should be given per month - Cabinet discussion

A proposal was made in the cabinet meeting that at present in the state NFSA card holders are given Singoil only twice a year i.e. during Janmashtami and Diwali, if Singoil is given every month then in such circumstances the ration card holders can benefit greatly.

Under decision consideration to estimate the administrative aspect

Based on the proposal put in the cabinet meeting, all the council of ministers discussed. However, the proposal is currently under consideration to estimate various administrative aspects including financial burden.

per annum to the State Government Rs. A financial burden of 400 to 500 crores is likely to arise

At present, the state government is giving Singoil twice a year during the festival, which is a financial burden of about 55 crores, now when consideration is going on to give Singoil every month, every year the government will have to pay Rs. A financial burden of 400 to 500 crores is likely to arise.

A decision has been taken to provide Singoil twice a year with a subsidy of Rs 100 only

A few days ago, the state government had decided to give a subsidy of Rs. 97 in singe oil which is given twice during the year and it was decided to give singe oil at only 100 rupees, now in the decision under consideration, the administrative process is going on to give singe oil only at the price of 100 rupees. is

It has also been announced earlier to give 1 kg of chickpeas per month

It has been announced by the Chief Minister on August 15 that 71 lakh card holders of the state will be given 1 kg gram per month henceforth. So far 50 talukas of the state were getting this benefit, which benefit will now be available to the people of 250 talukas of the state.

Local farmers will benefit: Gujarat State Edible Oils and Oil Seeds Association

Samir Shah, president of Gujarat State Edible Oils and Oil Seeds Association, talking to Divya Bhaskar said that if the government takes such a decision, it is a very welcome decision because the consumption of Singoil will increase and due to this the local farmers can benefit greatly. The industry may not have any other impact due to this decision, as this decision is up to the card holder.

Changes have also been made in the income limit norms of ration card holders

Until now the income limit for Antyodaya and BPL card holders in the state was kept at 10 thousand. The Chief Minister announced on August 15 that the income limit has been changed to 15,000.

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Tuesday 16 August 2022

Antioxidants to the Help You When You Quit Smoking.

Antioxidants to the Help You When You Quit Smoking.


Smoking was a once considered to a fashion and luxury, which may be bring to a touch of the class and coolness to your attitude, but the habit costs to your health and well-being in a return. Surveys show that are almost 90% of the regular smokers want to get out of the addiction and wished they are never started. Smoking harms to your lungs, sleep, mental health and over all the well-being. But there are several ways you can be a pick in the process of the quitting smoking that will be help to your body heal faster with a time. We all are aware of the magic word antioxidants, but how many of us know how antioxidants help to repair in the body from the damages post smoking?

Antioxidants and Free Radicals

When a person smokes, high amounts of the  free radicals are formed in the body, which cause a oxidative stress or a damage. Free radicals are a group of the atoms with an a odd number of the electrons and is a formed when oxygen interacts with a certain molecules. They are highly unstable and they are start to a chain reaction to be a stable. This chain reaction damages in the components of a cell in the body such as a DNA and the cell membrane. This causes malfunctioning and death of the cell and leads to the several diseases and disorders.

How do we are prevent our body from such a damage? 

The answer is, by a consuming enough antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules which are safely interact with a free radicals and terminate the chain reaction before any of the vital nutrients and cell organelles are damaged. Micro-nutrients such as a vitamins, beta-carotene, selenium and copper are some of the constituents of the  antioxidants. They are not formed inside our body and hence we have to take  them externally. Hence, we can say that antioxidants can be heal the body even if you are smoking, however, it is not as a potent as a complete cessation of  the smoking.

How Antioxidants Can be Help

Antioxidants can be help stabilize in the unstable free radicals that were introduced to the body due to the smoking. Risks of the diseases and disorders such as a fatigue, oral problems and lung cancer post smoking can be a minimized with a antioxidants. Scientists from University of the Rochester are trying to find out the potential of the antioxidants in a reversing the oxidative stress or a damage done by a free radicals. They are trying to the extract sole restorative from red grapes to see how fast antioxidants can be work to the prevent lung cancer. Scientists believe in that this novel study might help millions of  the people who are seeking help to repair in the body after quitting smoking.

Tips to Take a Antioxidants

There are several tips and recipes you can try at the home to get the benefits of  the antioxidants and repair in the damaged cells of the body. Some of them are:

Beans: Colorful beans such as a red, black, or a kidney beans are rich sources of the antioxidants. They contain eight flavoring and health are experts recommend in these have to be a eaten at least once a week.

Do you like to a traditional sprouted bean dish that is a cooked as a kind of the popular Indian salad called in the Chat! Mix some sprouted beans with a onions, tomatoes, salt, some fresh chilies, few drops of the olive oil and lemon juice and a seasoning of the fresh chopped coriander and have it as an a evening snack. To add more colors on your plate, go for a red and black beans that are more potent in a nutritional boost.

Blueberries: Blueberries are a darling fruit for those wise women who know how to keep ageing at the bay. They are one of the richest sources of the antioxidants and do wonders to your skin and body. Eat a blueberries to keep away the harmful effects of  the smoking.

Is a availability to a question in a countries like India? 

Who said you have to just eat in the fruit, blueberry ice creams are available in all ice cream parlors. Nowadays, blueberry juice is also a being introduced to the Indian market. Go out for a cup of the ice cream or have a glass of the blueberry juice in a breakfast. If the natural berries are available in your city, you can add them in your bowl of the favorite fruit salad and munch them in the evenings.

Broccoli: Broccoli comes with a very impressive nutritional profile which are includes folates, vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber and petrochemicals. They need no cooking or a any special recipe to make them palatable. Just toss some pieces of the broccoli in a bowl with a salt and vinegar and eat it as a salad with a meal. You can also a use them for a seasoning on soups, steaks and other dishes.

Tomatoes: Many of us do not like a tomatoes for in their tangy flavor and runny texture, but tomatoes are rich in a lycopene which are increases four times when they are grilled or a heated.

Love soups?

Try some spicy tomato soups with your favorite toppings such as a broccoli, sweet peas, coriander, cream to name a few. You can also a grill in the tomatoes in your microwave oven and season it with a pepper, salt and dry herbs to the eat with your lunch.

Dark Chocolates: Dark chocolates are one of the best sources of the  antioxidants. Studies show that dark chocolates are good for your heart and body, but not in the milk chocolates or the white ones. Dark chocolates are rich in a flavoring.

Now you can be a dig in the dark chocolate cakes and truffles. You can be a also make to a chocolate milk shakes and have it at the least twice to a week.

Smoking is an a addiction that cannot be a stopped so easily. But there can be no second opinion on the urgent need to kick in the habit however old or a young you are. So make up your mind and stay determined to the quit smoking. While you are at it, try taking advantage of  the antioxidants to the heal your body faster.

“The true face of the smoking is a disease, death and horror-not in the glamour and sophistication in the pushers in the tobacco industry try to the portray.” -David Byre


Smoking Quotes -

(http://www. brainy

Researchers Studying in a Antioxidants To the Reverse Lung Damage Caused By a Smoking -

(http://www. medical news PHP)

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Sunday 14 August 2022

GPSC Recruitment 2022

GPSC Recruitment 2022

The online application process for recruitment of 245 State Tax Officer (STO), Chief Officer and Other Posts posts will start from 25-08-2022 onwards. Check the details regarding GPSC State Tax Officer (STO), Chief Officer and Other Posts Recruitment 2022 that have been provided below in the tabular form.

Total No. of Posts : 245  Posts

  • Assistant Engineer (Civil) (Advt. No. 15/2022-23): 77
  • Law Officer (Advt. No. 16/2022-23): 01
  • Scientific Officer (Medicine) (Advt. No. 17/2022-23): 02
  • curator (Advt. No. 18/2022-23): 05
  • Gujarat Engineering Services Class  I & II (Advt. No. 19/2022-23)

  1. Executive Engineer (Civil) R&D: 05
  2. Executive Engineer (Civil): 19
  3. Dy. Executive Engineer (Civil) R&D: 13
  4. Dy. Executive Engineer (Civil): 21

  • GPSC Class I & II and Gujarat Municipality Chief Officer (Advt. No. 20/2022-23)

  1. Asst. State Tax Commissioner: 28
  2. Asst. Commissioner (Tribal development): 04
  3. Social Welfare Officer: 01
  4. District Inspector Land Office: 06
  5. Asst. Director: 01
  6. Chief Officer: 12
  7. State Tax Officer (STO): 50

GPSC Recruitment 2022 Educational Qualification: 

Please read the Official Notification for Educational Qualification details.

Selection Process: 

Candidates will be selected based on an interview.

GPSC Recruitment 2022 How to Apply ?: 

Interested Candidates may Apply Online Through the official Website

Important Links :

Apply Online: Click Here

Important Dates:

Starting Date of Online Application: 25-08-2022

Last Date to Apply Online: 09-09-2022

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Saturday 13 August 2022

Allergy Eye Drops - Types & How to the Use.

Allergy Eye Drops - Types & How to the Use.


Eye allergies are treated with a different types of the drops such as a lubricants, vasoconstriction, antihistamines, mast cell stabilizers, NSA-IDs and contortionists.

Eye allergies or a ocular allergies are a very common problem and often to a part of a general allergic reaction. They may be a mild or a severe. They may be a acute (sudden appearing), seasonal (occurring in a particular season) or a perennial (occurring anytime irrespective of the season).

Seasonal allergies often a indicate that in the person is a allergic to the outdoor substances such as a pollen or a fungi found in that particular season.

In a perennial allergy, in the cause is a generally present within the house such as a dust mites or a insects. Some allergy cases may be a serious and could affect in the cornea of the eye as well. These cases are require treatment from a specialist to the prevent complications such as a blindness.

The most prominent  in a symptom of the eye allergy is a itching of the eyes. Other symptoms are include redness, increased a tearing, feeling of a foreign body in the eye and swelling of the eyelids. The patient in a addition often has a runny nose and may be a experience symptoms of the asthma as well.

It is a usually difficult to determine in the cause of the allergy. The patient may have to undergo allergy testing to the pinpoint in the cause. A blood test to the measure I G E antibody levels may be a carried out to confirm the presence of the  allergy.

The best way to the prevent eye allergies is to avoid in the allergen. This is however not always possible. The patient is a advised to the avoid rubbing his eyes. He should cover in the eyes with a cold dressings. Patients using a contact lenses are advised to use a  soft daily - disposable lenses or a spectacles during in the period of the allergy.

Various types of the eye drops are used to treat in the condition. Using a eye drops over oral drugs has a several advantages – to a high concentration of the drug is a directly achieved at the eye, effect are appears faster and side effects on other body in a systems are less. Eye drops used to the treat allergies are  include:


Vasoconstriction eye drops

Anti-allergy eye drops:


Mast cell stabilizers

Antihistamines with a mast cell stabilizing action

Anti-inflammatory eye drops:

NSA-IDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)



Eye Allergy Diagnosis and Treatment -


Redness-Relieving Eye Drops -


Treating a Allergic Conjunctivitis: A Once-Daily Medication that are Provides 24-Hour Symptom Relief -

( M C 5010431/)

Eye Allergy -


Eye Drop Tips -

( drop-tips.php)

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Friday 12 August 2022

Landfills are methane super emitters, Delhi, Mumbai among a worst hit in a globally.

Landfills are methane super emitters, Delhi, Mumbai among a worst hit in a globally.

When a organic waste like a food, wood or a paper decomposes, it is a emits methane into the air. Landfills are the third-largest source of the  methane emissions in a globally.


Methane traps a 80 times more heat in the atmosphere than a carbon dioxide does

Satellite data to the detect emissions is still a relatively in a new field

Earlier in this year, smoke hung over a New Delhi for a days after a massive landfill caught fire

Landfills are releasing far more planet-warming methane into the atmosphere from the decomposition of  the waste than previously thought, to a study suggests.

Scientists used a satellite data from four major cities worldwide — Delhi and Mumbai in a India, Lahore in a Pakistan and Buenos Aires in a Argentina — and found that emissions from a landfills in a 2018 and 2019 were 1.4 to 2.6 times higher than a earlier estimates.

The study, published in a Science Advances on Wednesday, is aimed at the helping local governments carry out targeted efforts to the limit global warming by a pinpointing specific sites of  the major concern.

When organic waste like a food, wood or a paper decomposes, it is a emits methane into the air. Landfills are the third-largest source of the methane emissions globally, after a oil and gas systems and agriculture.

Although methane only accounts for a about 11% of the greenhouse gas emissions and lasts about a dozen years in the air, it is traps 80 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide does. Scientists estimate that at the least 25% of the today’s warming is a driven by a methane from human actions.

Also a Read | Antarctica is a crumbling: Scientists find continent headed for a major disruption

“This is the first time that are high-resolution satellite images have been a used to the observe landfills and calculate in their methane emissions,” said Joanne's Maskers, lead author of the study and atmospheric scientist at the Netherlands Institute for a Space Research.

“We found that these landfills, which are relatively small compared to the city sizes, are responsible for a large fraction of  the total emissions from a given area,” he said.

Satellite data to the detect emissions is still a relatively new field, but it is a being used more and more to the observe gases across in the world. It means more independent organizations are tracking greenhouse gases and identifying big emitters, whereas previously local government figures were in the only source available.

“This new work shows just how important it is to the manage landfills better, especially in a countries like a India where landfills are often on a fire, emitting to a wide range of the damaging pollutants,” said Eu an Nesbit, an a Earth scientist at the  Royal Holloway, University of  the London, who was not part of the study.

Earlier in this year, smoke hung over a New Delhi for a days after a massive landfill caught fire as the country was sweltering in an a extreme heat wave with a temperatures surpassing 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit). At least two other landfill fires have been a reported in a India this year.

Also a Read | ‘We are back, baby’: New bill boosts US climate credibility in a post-Trump era

Nesbit added that the newer satellite technology, combined with a on-the-ground measurements, makes it is a easier for a researchers to the identify “who is a polluting in the world.”

China, India and Russia are the world’s biggest methane polluters, to a recent analysis by the International Energy Agency found.

At last year’s United Nations climate conference, 104 countries signed to a pledge to the reduce methane emissions by a 30% by a 2030 compared with a 2020 levels. Both India and China are not a signatories.

The authors plan to the carry out more research into a landfill sites across in the world in a future studies.

“It is a quickly developing field and we are expect more interesting data to come out soon,” said Maskers.

Also a Read | Stranded whale euthanized after a removal from a French river.

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First of it is kind Armour-plated dinosaur unearthed in a Argentina.

First of it is kind Armour-plated dinosaur unearthed in a Argentina.

The Cretaceous Period dinosaur, named Jakapil kaniukura, would have been a well-protected with a rows of  the bony disk-shaped armor.


It measured about a 5 feet long and weighed only a 4-7 kg

It is a fossilized remains were dug up over in  the past decade near to a dam in a Patagonia

Jakapil marks to a first-of-it is-kind discovery of an a armored dinosaur

Paleontologists on Thursday heralded in the discovery of a previously unknown small armored dinosaur in a southern Argentina, a creature that likely a walked upright on it is a back legs roaming a then-steamy landscape about a 100 million years ago.

The Cretaceous Period dinosaur, named Jakapil kaniukura, would have been to a well-protected with a rows of the bony disk-shaped armor along its neck and back and down to it is a tail, they said. It is a  measured about a 5 feet (1.5 meters) long and weighed only 9 to 15 pounds (4-7 kg), similar to an a average house cat.

It is fossilized remains were dug up over in the past are decade near to a dam in a Patagonia in a Rio Negro province's La Buitrera paleontological  in a zone. The scientists are  described a Jakapil in a study published in the journal Scientific in a Reports.

Paleontologists work on the excavation of the  bones and the fossils in  that are belonged to the a newly are discovered species of the  bipedal armored dinosaur, Jakapil kaniukura, in a Rio Negro, Argentina February 2, on  2016. Sebastian Anapestic/Handout via REUTERS

The scientists said a Jakapil marks to  a first-of-its-kind  are discovery of an a armored dinosaur from in the Cretaceous in a South America. It is a part of the thyreophoran dinosaur group in that includes in  the likes of the  Stegosaurus, known for it is a bony back plates and spiky in a tail, and tank-like  a Ankylosaurus, covered in a armor and wielding to a club-like in a tail.

Jakapil resembles to  a primitive form of the thyreophoran that lived much a earlier, making it a surprise that it is  dated from in the Cretaceous. Anapestic said never before has such to  a thyreophoran been a dug up anywhere in the southern hemisphere.

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Thursday 11 August 2022

From Hitler to the Viagra, 10 bizarre baby names that are a BANNED - check a list!.

From Hitler to the  Viagra, 10 bizarre baby names that are a BANNED - check a list!.

Here are 10 weird baby names in that have been a banned across in the world!

Every new parent are remains excited about naming in their kids. And sometimes, they tend to get a carried away, trying to keep a unique names for in their sons and daughters. In a countries across in the globe, several names are banned! Here is a list of  the 10 bizarre names which are banned in a several nations. We tell why  they are a banned too.

Adolf Hitler: In a countries like a Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand and Mexico, it is a illegal to name a child Adolf Hitler. And in the reason is a quite obvious. 

Amer: It may be quite to a popular name in a India, especially among Muslims, but Amir is a banned name in a Saudi Arabia as that would mean one is a related to the royalty.

IKEA: No, you can not name your child IKEA in a Japan. There is a company named so, and this name is on the banned in a list.

Cyanide: This name is to a big no in the UK. It means to a dangerous poison.

Anal: It is a related to anus and the name is a banned in a New Zealand because it reportedly a suggests obscenity.

Anuma: In a Japan, this means devil and you can not name to your child Anuma. 

Also a read: 10 popular Indian names of the baby boys and girls - check here

Judas: This name is a banned in a Switzerland. The country aims to the discourage people from a giving in their kids religious names as it believes it can cause a kids harm.

Sarah: There is a difference of one 'h' in a Sarah and Sara but that is all that matters in a Morocco. "Too Hebrew" Sarah is not allowed, but in the Arabic version of the 'Sara' is a accepted. 

11116: Yeah, this is a name, not a typo! It is a supposed to be a pronounced Al bin. But the name is a banned in a Sweden, as are Elvis, and Metallica.

Viagra: It seems that a Russian couple wanted to register in their child after in the drug but in the authorities refused to the allow them.

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Border Security Force | BSF Head Constable Bharti 2022

 Border Security Force | BSF Head Constable Bharti 2022

BSF Head Constable Bharti 2022 : BSF Head Constable (HC) Ministerial Recruitment 2022 and ASI Steno: Border Security Force (BSF) have released the latest notification for the recruitment of Head Constable (Ministerial) and Assistant Sub-Inspector (Steno). Eligible candidates can apply online for the BSF Recruitment 2022 from the website All the details related to BSF HC Recruitment 2022 are given below.

  • BSF Head Constable Bharti 2022
  • Recruitment Organization : Border Security Force (BSF)
  • Post Name : Head Constable (HC), ASI (Steno)
  • Advt No. BSF HC (Ministerial) and ASI (Steno) Recruitment 2022
  • Vacancies : 323

Salary/ Pay Scale :

ASI (Steno): Level-5 (Rs. 29200- 92300/-)

HC (Min): Level-4 (Rs. 25500- 81100/-)

Official Website :

BSF Head Constable Bharti Post Details

ASI (Stenographer)- 11 (ST-11) – 12th Pass + Steno

Head Constable (Ministerial)- 312 (UR-154, SC-38, ST-14, EWS-41, OBC-65) 12th Pass

BSF Head Constable Bharti Application Frees :

Gen/ OBC/ EWS (Group B Posts): ₹ 200/-

Gen/ OBC/ EWS (Group C Posts): ₹ 100/-

SC/ST/ ESM/ BSF Employee: ₹ 0/-

Payment Mode: Online

BSF Head Constable Bharti Age Limit : 

The age limit for this recruitment is 18-25 Years.

The crucial date for the calculation of the age is the last date of the application form.

The age Relaxation will be given as per the Rules of the Government.

BSF Head Constable Bharti Selection Process :

The Selection Process of BSF Head Constable Recruitment 2022 includes the following Stages:

Written Exam

Physical Efficiency and Measurement Test (PE&MT)

Document Verification

Medical Examination

How to Apply for BSF Head Constable 2022

Follow these steps to apply for the BSF Head Constable Ministerial 2022Check the eligibility from the BSF Head Constable Ministerial Notification 2022

Click on the Apply Online Link given below or visit the website

Fill out the application form

Upload the required documents

Pay Fees

Print the application Form

Important Links :

Download Notification Click Here

BSF Official Website Click Here

Important Date :

Last Date Of Application : 

30 Days From The Date of Publication Of Detailed Advertisement Notice.

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Wednesday 10 August 2022

Fitness basics: What does it mean to the engage to your core?.

Fitness basics: What does it mean to the engage to  your core?.

Engaging to  your core is a important while while working out but please do not stop breathing while a doing that. Here is how to the engage to your core.

If you are someone who has a trainer for your exercise routine. you may be have heard it is a often, “Engage to your core!” or a “Tighten to your stomach!” This happens with a any kind of the exercise you perform, whether it is a lifting weights, Pilates or a even walking. They keep telling us to the engage our core. What most of us do is a suck in our stomach and the practically stop breathing. Well, let us a inform you that it is a absolutely wrong to do that. Instead, just let us a learn how to the engage to your core.

So, what is a exactly does ‘engaging to your core’ mean?

Core is the powerhouse of the body. Having to a strong core will be give a strength and energy to your whole body and hence, it is a important to keep it is engaged to the strengthen it. Core engagement makes to your workout more effective and leads to the quicker results. Core muscles are include in the abdominal muscles, lower back muscles, to your gluts and even your pelvic floor muscles. Well-known Pilates instructor Namrata Prohibit, in her recent Instagram in  a post, shed light on what core engagement means. She goes on to say that there are two things you need to do to engage to your core:

1. Simple pulling in of the belly button. It is a like you are wearing to a tight pair of jeans and you are sucking in your belly button, but not too much.

2. Pulling up of the pelvic floor muscles. Prohibit are explains it with an a example that if you are peeing and someone walks into the loo and you have to the stop peeing, in the muscles you use to the stop peeing are your pelvic floor muscles.

So, in the combination of these two steps is called the core engagement.

Though, we should practice  engaging our core in the whole day: while a standing, sitting or a walking, here are some exercises to the engage to your core and strengthen it:

3 exercise to the engage to your core

1. Pilates

When talking about core strengthening, in the mind automatically goes to the Pilates. Pilates is a form of the low-impact exercise that aims to the strengthen to your core muscles while a improving postural alignment and the flexibility.

2. All fours

A good position for a engaging to your core is on all fours. In this position, pull your abs up and in a towards to your spine and keep your torso still whilst you exhale. The key is to keep breathing. Keep repeating this in a 3 sets of the 1 minute each.

3. Plank

Plank exercise is a specifically designed for our core. When you lie down a straight on your stomach and pull up all your weight on just your elbows and toes then your core is the area of the focus. Make sure to the  tighten your gluts and engage to your core. Try this for a minute and gradually increase it up to the 10 minutes.

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IBPS PO 2022 Notification Out – Apply Online 6432

IBPS PO 2022 Notification Out – Apply Online 6432

IBPS PO 2022 Notification Out: The Institute of Banking & Personnel Selection has invited online application forms for those who are looking for bank jobs through IBPS exams. The official notification for IBPS PO Recruitment 2022 has been released for the 6432 vacancies of IBPS Probationary Officers on 02nd August 2022. Interested aspirants can submit their application forms through the official website at after reading the official notification.


  • Posts Name Probationary Oficers    
  • No. of Vacancy : 6432    
  • Application Mode Online    
  • Job Location Across India    
  • Online Application Start Date : 2nd August 2022    
  • Last Date Of Application : 
    22th August 2022    
  • Oficial Website  

IBPS releases the IBPS PO, IBPS PO 2022 Notiication Out vacancy bank wise then thevacancies are further classiied as per dierent categories. Candidates can check IBPS POVacancy 2022 Details given below oficial notiication.


  • Bank of India -535 Post    
  • Central Bank of India - 2500  Post     
  • Punjab National Bank (PNB) - 500 Post        
  • Punjab & Sind Bank - 253 Post    
  • UCO Bank - 550 Post    
  • Union Bank of India - 2094 Post    

Education Qualification

A Degree (Graduation) in any discipline from a University recognized by the Govt. Of India or any equivalent qualification recognized as such by the Central Government.

The candidate must possess valid Mark-sheet / Degree Certificate that he/ she is a graduate on the day he / she registers and indicate the percentage of marks obtained in Graduation while registering online.

Age Limit

Minimum: 20 years Maximum: 30 years

A candidate must have been born not earlier than 02.08.1992 and not later than 01.08.2002(both dates inclusive)

IBPS PO Recruitment Apply Online

The Online Application link for IBPS Clerk has been activated from 2nd August 2022 at theoficial website of IBPS i.e. {IBPS PO 2022 Notiication Out} The last date toapply online for IBPS PO 2022 is 22th August 2022.

IBPS PO Application Fees

 Gen/OBC/EWS Rs.850/-    

All Other Category Rs.175/-  

IBPS PO Selection Process

The exam pattern for the selection to the post of IBPS PO is quite dierent from that of theexam pattern for the selection to the post of Oficer Grade. For IBPS PO Exam 2022, theExam will be conducted in three phases:

Preliminary Exam

Mains Exam


Selection will be made purely on the marks obtained by the candidate in his/her Mains Examination & Interview.

IBPS PO Salary

The initial IBPS Clerk salary is INR 36,000 to 52630 per month. The starting basic salary is INR 36,000 including dearness allowance, house rent allowance, medical allowance, and transport allowance.

 IBPS PO Important Links

    IBPS PO Read Notification Click Here   

    Apply Online Click Here  

    IBPS PO Important Dates 

    • Online registration including Edit / Modification of  Application by candidates 02/08/2022 To 22/08/2022    
    • Payment of Application Fees / Intimation  Charges (Online) 02/08/2022 To 22-08-2022
    • Download of call letters for Pre - Exam Training September / October 2022    
    • Conduct of Pre - Exam Training September / October 2022    
    • Download of call letters for Online examination –Preliminary October 2022    
    • Online Examination – Preliminary October 2022    
    • Result of Online exam – Preliminary November 2022    
    • Download of Call letter for Online exam – Main November 2022    
    • Online Examination – MainNovember 2022    
    • Result of Online exam – Main December 2022    
    • Download of call letters for interview January/ February 2023    
    • Conduct of interview January/ February 2023    
    • Provisional Allotment April 2023  

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    SDAU Recruitment 2022 | Apply for Skilled Worker Post

     SDAU Recruitment 2022 | Apply for Skilled Worker Post

    SDAU Recruitment 2022 | Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University (SDAU Bharti 2022) has published an Notification for the Skilled Worker post 2022. Eligible Candidates are advised to refer to the official Notification & apply for this post. You can find other details like age limit, educational qualification, selection process, application fee, and how to apply are given below.  

    Name of Posts Skilled Worker

    Category Govt Jobs

    Selection Process Interview

    Job Location Gujarat / India

    Official Site

    Name of Posts : Skilled Worker

    Educational Qualification : Candidates who want to apply for the SDAU Skilled Worker Bharti 2022 have to fulfil the minimum level of eligibility criteria based on Name of Posts, educational qualifications, age limit, and Selection Process, experience. Check the SDAU Skilled Worker Eligibility Criteria from the official website.

    Selection Process : Candidates will be selected based on an interview.

    How to Apply?

    Interested candidates are requested to remain present along with all original certificates to the given address in the advertisement.

    Job Advertisement : Click Here

    Walk-in-Interview : 29-08-2022 at 10.30 A.M

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    Is your child battling dry eyes? Know it is a causes and symptoms.

    Is your child battling dry eyes? Know it is a causes and symptoms.

    Published on: 23 July on 2022, 12:00 pm I S T

    There are different causes of the dry eyes in a both children's and teens. However, sometimes home treatments to do help. 

    Dr Kamran Aqeel

    Dry eyes can be a uncomfortable. For a kids, in the dryness makes in their eyes feel stretched out. In a fact, dry eye syndrome often causes to a sandy, gritty sensation in the morning in that usually gets a worse throughout in the day. It may be cause to your child to have a blurry vision. But dry eyes do not a usually cause lasting problems with a vision.

    There are different causes of the dry eyes. Most often dry weather, smoke, or a pollution can bother in the eyes. Other times, allergies or a contact lenses can be also a irritate in the eyes. You can work with your ophthalmologist to the find ways to help your child’s eyes feel better. Mean while, home treatments often do help.

    What is a causes dry eyes in a children?

    Dry eye syndrome can be make it is a challenging for a kids to do regular daily activities, such as a reading, using to a computer, and playing. Sometimes burning, itchy and irritated eyes, along with a constant blinking, interfere with a focusing in the classroom. A range of the reasons can be a responsible for your child’s dry eyes. Some of them include:

    1. Severe allergies, with a dryness caused by a aggressive antihistamine use

    2. Contact lens wearing

    3. Sometimes, conjunctivitis (pink eye) can be lead to a type of the dry eye

    4. Nutritional are deficiency

    5. Extended use of the smartphones and other digital devices

    What are the various symptoms of the dry eyes in a kids?

    Children cannot communicate in their eye related problems in a proper way. Most of the time, they will be rub in their eyes, if there are any such issues. But in the parents should keep a vigil on their kids to read in their behavior to understand in the underlying cause of such a behavior.

    Also, read: Summer eye care: Protect to your eyes from the harsh heat wave

    Here are some common dry eye syndrome symptoms in a children:

    Frequent blinking Redness around in the eyes Constant eye rubbing Veering away from a sources of the  light Stinging or a burning sensation in and around in the eyes Moments of the blurred vision Difficulty in a reading, working on a digital devices, or a any activity that requires visual attention.

    How to the treat your child’s dry eye at the home

    Your doctor may be recommend artificial tears to reduce in the symptoms related to the dry eye but you can also do home remedies to the relieve dry eye syndrome.

    Some helpful suggestions are  include:

    1. Avoid a smoke and other things that are irritate in the eyes.

    2. Ensure to your child wears sunglasses that wrap a around in the sides of the head. Try to use a caps or a umbrellas as these can be protect in the eyes from sun, wind, dust, and dirt.

    3. Place to a humidifier by your child’s bed or a close to your child. Always follow in the directions for a cleaning in the machine.

    4. Do not use a fans while to your child sleeps.

    5. If your child are usually wears a contact lenses, have to your child use a re-wetting drops or a wear glasses until in the eyes feel better.

    6. Be a safe with a medicines. Ensure that your child takes a medicines exactly as a prescribed. Call to your ophthalmologist if you think to your child is having to a problem with a medicine.

    7. Have to your child use a artificial tears at the least 4 times a day.

    8. If your child needs drops more than a  4 times a day, use a artificial tears without preservatives. They may be irritate in the eyes less.

    9. If your child wears in a contact lenses, supply him or a her with a re-wetting in a drops.

    10. Put to a warm, moist cloth on your child’s eyelids every morning for a about 5 minutes. Then massage in the eyelids lightly. This helps to increase in the natural wetness of the eyes.

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    Tuesday 9 August 2022

    LIC HFL Bharti 2022 Apply

     LIC HFL Bharti 2022 Apply

    LIC HFL Bharti 2022 Apply : Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) is inviting applications via online mode from eligible candidates for the Assistant and Assistant Manager Post on The vacancies are available for Central, East Central, Eastern, North Central, Northern, South Central, South Eastern, Southern and Western Regions. You can find other details like age limit, educational qualification, selection process, application fee, and how to apply are given below.

    • Job Recruitment Board : Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)
    • Official Website :
    • Name Of Posts : Various
    • No. Of Posts : 80 Posts
    • Registration Start Date : 04 August 2022
    • Registration Last Date : 25 August 2022

    Details Of Posts

    Assistant and Assistant Manager - 80 Posts

    Salary/ pay scale :

    Assistant - The starting basic pay of Rs.22,730/- per month

    Assistant Manager - The starting basic pay of Rs.53,620/- per month

    Education Qualification :

    Assistant - The candidate should be a graduate with minimum 55% marks.

    Assistant Manager Other - The candidate should be a graduate with minimum 60 % marks or Post-graduate in any discipline.AM DME - Graduate in any discipline with 50% marks or Postgraduate in any discipline. MBA in marketing/finance will be given preference.

    Age Limits, Selection Process & Other Details :

    Candidates Please Read Official Notification.

    Application Fees :

    Assistant - Rs. 800/-

    Assistant Manager - Rs. 800/-

    Important Links :

    Official Notification View Here

    Apply Online : Click Here

    Important Dates :

    Registration Start Date : 04 August 2022

    Registration Last Date : 25 August 2022

    Steps To Apply :

    Go to LIC HFL’s website, then click on “Careers” and go to “Job Opportunities” to open the page “RECRUITMENT OF ASSISTANTS/ ASSISTANT MANAGERS” and click on the option “Apply Online” which will open a new screen. 

    To register your application, choose the tab "Click here for New Registration" and enter Name, Contact details and Email-id. A Provisional Registration Number and Password will be generated by the system and displayed on the screen.

    Validate your details and Save your application by clicking the 'Validate your details' and 'Save & Next' button.

    Upload Photo & Signature as per the specifications given in the Guidelines for Scanning and Upload of Photograph and Signature. 

    Fill in other details of the Application Form.

    Click on the Preview Tab to preview and verify the entire application form before COMPLETE REGISTRATION. 

    Modify details, if required, and click on 'COMPLETE REGISTRATION' ONLY after verifying and ensuring that the photograph, signature uploaded and other details filled by you are correct. 

    Click on 'Payment' Tab and proceed for payment. 

    Click on 'Submit' button.

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